The quirky, funny and artsy one.

I graduated last March 2015 at Mapua Institute of Technology with a degree of Business Administration Major in Marketing. 

 I’m a Social Media Officer / PR by day & an Online Influencer by night. 

I believe that you can make your dreams happen if you work hard for it. ;-)

My height might be smaller than you, but this girl is definitely tough as a rock

Getting to know more about my blog...

“ETHEREAL” - beautiful, dainty and exquisite.
Diamond logo - symbolizes my tattoo which means “I am strong and unbreakable"

Welcome to my blog 
a mixture of my genuine thoughts with a dash of fashion, design and a little bit of humour.

I created this blog to express myself, spread happiness, inspire, motivate and touch other people’s lives.

Hope you enjoy my blog!
Don’t hesitate to message me on my social media accounts,
I’d love to get to know each and every one of my readers!

With love,

“Never lose hope because everything happens for a reason"


  1. Hi Jessa, I love your blog and your Instagram feed as well! It's too rare to know someone on Instagram with a good feed and curated content with a blog that's so good to read, and you're one of those people. Highly appreciate everything in here! Hope to meet you soon to in one of the blogger events.


    1. Hi Camile!

      Aww, Thank you! I really appreciate it. Hihi. I like your Instagram posts too! ;)
      Hope to see you this year ♡♡♡♡

      Jessa V.

  2. Replies
    1. Love you b! Gusto ko yung throwback yung photo mo dito! Hahaha ♡

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