New year, new opportunities & new experiences.
May this year shower each and every one of us with blessings!
Have you listed your things to cross-out this 2017? ;)
Share a link on the comment box below, I'd love to read them as well!
Here's mine!

1. Cut my hair short (shoulder length)
2. Experience hot air balloon festival
3. Ride ATVs
4. Travel outside the country with friends
5. Climb a volcano
6. Climb a mountain
7. Shower in a waterfall
8. Visit Singapore
9. Visit Siargao City
10. Explore Palawan
11. Travel to Hong Kong
12. Travel to Japan
13. Travel to Bali
14. Visit Mayon Volcano
15. Experience Masskara Festival
16. Experience Malasimbo Festival
17. Go on a road trip to a city I've never been to
ELYU 04.13-15.17
18. Experience Disneyland
19. Try sky diving
20. Go zip-lining
21. Put glow sticks on a pool and go swimming
22. Run a marathon
23. Experience outdoor movie watching (Friends let's go to Nuvali pls)
24. Experience an outdoor date night
25. Kiss under the rain (I just want to experience this tv series inspired scene?? Haha!)
26. Attend a same sex wedding
27. Go inside a horror house (Ha-ha-ha who am I kidding)
28. Go on a random food trip
29. Try an exotic food
30. Learn how to swim 
31. Skinny dipping
32. Buy tickets to a concert of an artist that I really like (J.Cole, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce ya hear me?
33. Experience Wanderland again
34. Watch LANY perform live 


35. Pet a panda
36. Learn to surf / Try surfing
(La Union, 2017)

37. Support an event with a cause 
38. Learn how to cook (and escape the "puro prito food ko" life)
39. Learn how to drive (pray for my short legs)
40. Learn how to forgive an ex (apparently our relationship ended lol) - I forgave him, but I can never forget. :)
41. Go out without any makeup for a week
42. Spend a day at a spa... alone.
43. Get a symbolic tattoo
44. Get featured on a magazine
45. Meet someone famous
46. Take a photography class (or any seminar related to my work)
47. Try Muay Thai
Started training at Army Gym & Elite Boxing Gym, Makati.

48. Attend a Krav Maga class again
49. Go on a 30-day juice fast 
50. Achieve my dream weight 
51. Invest in stocks
52. Stop a bad habit

Wish me luck! ;)


  1. Created my own bucket list when I saw yours :)

    1. Aww. Yay! :) Hope you cross out everything on your bucketlist ♡

  2. Great list Jessa! I keep a list too. It's always fun reading others'. :)

  3. omg i'm sooo happy that my ugly face is on your blog ate jeyy thank you for putting it on your website :)