Sunday, May 20, 2018


 Sometimes a little change is a good thing 

I've always been comfortable with my hair color. 
Whenever I visit the salon, I would always choose brown tones or bleach it lol.

So this summer, I want to try something spontaneous with my hair! ;) 
I visited Basement Salon at SM Aura and tried their service for the first time.
Apparently, L'Oreal launched (5) new metallic shades recently:
.11 Silver Star (Deep Ash) - For a pastel grey look 
.12 Crystal Ash (Ash Iridescent) - It's kind of an ash blonde tone with a sophisticated iridescent blend
.13 Ash Gold (Ash Golden) - Champagne blonde! (YAS!)
.21 Pink Ash (Iridescent Ash) - It has a beautiful soft pink result
.22 Hi-Lilac (Deep Iridescent) - A purple tone with a balanced iridescent hue (ANOTHER YAS!)

I like this part of the salon, you can choose from all the colors that are displayed in their Color Lab.

I asked help from my hairstylist if it's possible to mix different shades, he said yes!
So these are my chosen colors:
I also went in for a Balayage hair.
If you're not familiar with Balayage, it's a hair technique for highlighting the hair. (For more information about it, click here)
 It is slowly done in such a way that the colors will leave a gradient / natural effect. I strongly recommend this procedure because when your hair grows, it will leave an ombre effect! Unlike the usual procedure where the product is just applied straight to your hair. With balayage, it will look like a nice ombre effect. :)

Although the price for a Balayage is a bit expensive, it's definitely worth the price since I don't have to visit the salon for a retouch every month!

So anyway, they first toned my hair and applied the L'Oreal's Majirel Metals in the shade of Crystal Ash + Ash Gold.

After waiting, they finally added the last color on my hair.
L'Oreal's Majirel Metals in the shade of Hi-Lilac!
It's my first time to have my hair colored with a touch of purple! I was actually excited to see the results. 

And after waiting for almost 5 hours.. here's the result! 

(This. Was. Definitely. Worth. The. Wait!)

Special thank you to Jerome Plakado, for styling my hair! 
I'm super happy with the results! He really knows what's best for your hair.
You may get in touch with him through Instagram (@jeromeplakado) or by visiting Basement Salon at SM Aura.

I can say that L'Oreal's Majirel products are the best! They don't leave a strong smell and they don't leave my hair dry after the whole process.

It was a fun time! Special thank you also to Trish (@trishandulte) for accompanying me today!

For my after coloring hair care: I use L'Oreal's Smartbond.
These protects your hair after undergoing different procedures. It makes your hair stronger, softer and shinier.

STEP 1: Bond Strengthening Additive
This limits the oxidative stress and preserves strong bonds that allows the reconstruction of weak bonds.

STEP 2: Bond Strengthening System Pre-shampoo
It contains ingredients such as ceramides & polymers to provide condition & shine to the hair.

STEP 3: Conditioner
This helps in making your hair feel softer.
 (Although for this one, I was recommended to use it once a week only)

With Smartbond the hair fibre will have more bonds resulting in healthy and strong hair!

I'm happy with my new hair. Thank you L'Oreal Professionel for transforming my hair into a colorful one! The Majirel Metals is definitely worth the try :) 

For more information, visit:

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