Sunday, April 29, 2018

Time to step up your timepiece into something that tracks your daily exercise!

I heard about Fitbit a few years back and I was actually curious about it. At that time, I wasn't living the active lifestyle yet.

To be honest I started going to the gym way back 2014, although I wasn't 100% committed to it. Until one day, I encountered a break-up that motivated me to focus on myself again. So, I started 2017 with an active lifestyle. 

I started slowly by trying out fitness apps (GuavaPass / KFit) and watching workout routines on Youtube. 
One day my officemate mentioned Fitbit about how it helps track her daily steps and the calories she burned the whole day --- and that's why I decided to try it as well! :) 

I simply installed the app through the App Store, charged the wristband and wore it! 
(You can personalize everything through the app - set weekly exercise goals, set a vibrating alarm and have a bedtime reminder)

To my friends who know me, you guys know how much I love indoor cycling! I never thought I’d love spinning classes, because from the moment I tried it I felt like my body couldn’t take the class. I also encountered several leg cramps just to try this workout lol.

I trained a lot so I can do better on my classes and it worked! I’ve been cycling at Ride Revolution for 3 months now. It’s a good cardio for me and I absolutely love the whole experience.

When I first tried my Fitbit HR,
 I took a cycling class with the same people I was with when I first tried Ride Rev.

(Ride Revolution Shangri La with Miko Carreon, Janina Suarez, Edd Vicente, Juancho Dadivas
Photo by Brian Ochoa)

So I did a 45min cycling class. I reached 1.5miles and burned 400 calories the whole session!
I chose Fibit HR since it has a slim design and it's easy to bring anywhere.

With Fitbit HR you can...
1. Achieve your health goals in style!

2. Track your all-day activity

3. Sleep Tracking

Everyone’s sleep cycle is different, but by better knowing your sleep quality and patterns, and realizing the impact they have on your day, you can make lifestyle changes that can help improve your sleep over time.
If you're living an active lifestyle, Fitbit makes it easier to track your daily activities! 
It's a fun watch to look at ;)
So far, I'm happy with it and I'm glad I tried it. 

Alta HR will be available in the Philippines for Pho 8,490.00 in Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, selected Toby Stores, iBook, iCenter, Mobile1, Globe, Gadgets in Style, Hivemind, Zalora, Timeline, The Inbox Store, iLiberty and Rnnr stores.

I would like to thank my supportive dad for taking my photos above! :)
All photos are taken with my Fujifilm XA3 camera with 23mm lens.

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