Sunday, March 4, 2018


10. Green Apple Yakult

Perfect combo: Add nata and chia seeds! (L) - Php 125
If you're craving for a sweet refreshing caffeine free drink. This is the perfect for you, especially if you're a Yakult lover like me! I would recommend to customize your drink for 50% level of sweetness for that perfect blend.
I also like adding chia seeds to my drinks since it is rich in antioxidants and a good source of fiber, iron and calcium. ;)

9. Strawberry Cheese Frost

Fall in love with this new drink from Serenitea. 
When I first tasted this drink, it reminded me of my childhood days with it's sweet strawberry flavour.
It's a berry nice treat after a busy week.

8. Cocoa Cookies and Cream

I ranked this one on the 8th spot since I'm a big cookies and cream addict! Whether it's ice cream, cake or even milktea -- I would definitely buy one! It's a sweet treat for me since this drink is a combination of cocoa and cookies & cream. I recommend adjusting the sweetness level to 75%, also remember to hydrate after! A glass of  wafter a sweet treat is always a must.
Oreo ready to try it too? ;)

7. Okinawa Milk Tea

Perfect combo: Add pearls!
I like Okinawa milk teas since it is made of roasted brown sugar instead of a regular syrup. If you're craving for a creamy milk tea this is definitely for you. For me, I prefer to add pearls with this drink to satisfy my milk tea cravings. Hehe!

6. Hokkaido Milk Tea 

Perfect combo: Add Panna Cotta and Pearl

Hokkaido milk teas are the perfect drink for caramel lovers. When I first tried this drink I really like the intense caramel flavor! I would prefer a sweetness level of 50% though, the full sweetness is too sweet for me.

Also, do try adding panna cotta and pearls as your sinkers! 
Because a good cold milk tea will never be complete without pearls.

5. Cranberry Black Tea

Perfect combo: Add Nata!
A cool cup of Serenitea's Cranberry Black Tea is what you need after a long day of working. 
I like how this drink is refreshing especially that it's black tea.
Black tea is known for improving your digestion, but it contains caffeine so I suggest to drink it only once a day ;)

4. Hongkong Milk Tea (L) Php 140

I just discovered 2 weeks ago that there's Hongkong milk tea at Serenitea. I've been craving for a Chinese / Thai kind of milk tea flavor and this one is the best so far! 
It's made from handcrafted black tea and black & white evaporated milk.
I would actually recommend this drink and rate it as 9/10!

3. Okinawa Espresso (L) - Php 165

Who else is a coffee and milktea lover like me? 
Serenitea just answered our prayers and made a drink made of Okinawa milk tea and a shot of espresso! This drink can actually help me survive a long busy day.

I ranked it on my top 3 best Serenitea drinks since its a combo of my favorite go-to drinks. 
Although, I would recommend customizing the sweetness into 75%.

They also have Matcha Espresso included in their Chaffee Series. 
Plus! They're currently curring a promo every Mondays when you order a drink from Chafee Series. You can get a FREE UPGRADE from Medium to Large when you order this drink on a Monday! See, Mondays are not that bad ;)

2. Green Tea Slush (L) - Php 88

I honestly thought that I wouldn't be a fan of green tea shakes since I only drink it on a tea bag before.

So when I first tried this drink, I actually loved it so matcha! Haha! Green tea also contains a lot of health benefits. It satisfies my craving for matcha so I'm including it on my top 3.

The best thing about it? You can get this drink for Php 88 pesos only, it's a must-try.

1. Taro Lover

Perfect combo: Add Pudding (L) 120
I love UBE-rry much! Hahaha. 
Whenever I hear the word, "Ube" I always remember my dad. 
He loves desserts with ube in it. So the moment I ordered this, it reminded me of my dad.
I love how you can taste the ube halaya. It has the perfect pinoy taste when it comes to ube. Especially when you add pudding. 
I brought my dad one the moment I tried it.

This is my top 1 favorite drink at Serenitea so far! I'm excited to try more next time :)

These are not your ordinary cup of tea so I dare you guys to try them all. :)
Hope this blog somehow helps you the next time you order in Serenitea!
 I think we all deserve to have a moment of Serenitea ;)

I would love to know what's your favorite Serenitea drink! 
Go ahead and share it on the comment box below. ;)

 Shoutout to the staff in Serenitea BGC Stopover for being so friendly!
Photos are shot using my Fujifilm 23mm lens. 

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