Sunday, December 17, 2017

I've always been a fan of quiet coffee shops. Every once in a while, I like to take myself out on a coffee date and just watch people pass by. I would take time to be grateful of this life we have. It's amazing how each and everyone of us has gone through difficult situations, yet here we are 

still trying to get through it day by day.

Earlier this year, 
I've gone through a breakup and I thought my life would fall apart. 
I had a challenging year in my career. 
But hey, look at me now. Composing this blog with a peaceful mind and a happy heart. 

I knew in time that life would get better.
You too, should remember that. Whatever you're going through right now. :)

Lately, I have been taking myself out on dates, just sitting alone at a place full of people and even if I was surrounded by couples, I know that I'm contented with what I have in my life at the moment.

I've been going to work and getting to know my officemates even more. On some weekends, I like to binge watch movies / series on Netflix. Lately, I fell inlove with the movie Comet (2004), it's a rom-com film about how relationships fade over time. A line from Justin Long hit me:

"If you're capable of making choices that knowingly hurts the other person, that's not love."

Yes, I like watching sad movies. It opens my mind when it comes to relationships. Haha!

Which reminds me of this beautiful perfume that I discovered at, it's called 'Angel Muse' by Mugler. It has a subtle, soft and hazelnut cream fragrance that lasts me the whole day. 

The star in the bottle reminds me of the quote "You might be damaged and broken, but so are shooting stars and comets". Everything happens for a reason so just hold on. :)

Well anyway back to story telling.. life has been pretty much chill lately. 

I've been going out as much as I can and exploring the possibilities of meeting new beautiful souls. 

Besides that, I focused on my health too this year. I started spending most of my time at the gym. I made the decision to start working out and living a healthy lifestyle not because I want to impress men but because I love my body.

Well anyway, that's about it. I just wanted to update my blog and share with you guys what has been up with me lately. I'll post more Youtube vlogs this Christmas season and  I'm currently working on my branding so I can start launching my simple online shop so stay tuned! 

I hope everyone is doing good too! :)

The lovely photos above are taken by Matthew Bayhon. (Instagram: @mattbayhon)
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'Til next time! 

Much love,

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  1. OMG this matching cup looks wow.Means how could you get such perfect matching of crockery with your dress.By the way you look absolutely chic in this dress