Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Even if I'm on a rush, I always make sure that my hair is styled before going out. 
It's always nice to have a good hair day despite a busy day ahead. 
As a woman who's always on-to-go, I need quick hairstyles that would help me achieve my tasks during the day.
Here's some of them

1. The Classic Braid

Braiding my hair has been a favorite hairstyle of mine since grade school. 
You only need a brush and a hair tie to achieve this look. I'm not an expert when it comes to braiding, but it takes practice! ;) The Classic Braid is my go-to hairstyle when I'm at work or when I'm about to have an intense work out.

2. The Sweetheart Straight

I like my hair straight on a normal day at work. Since I have bangs, I like to put a clip on it so that I won't be distracted while working.

3. Boho Wavy Chic

For music festivals, my go to hairstyle would always be wavy / curly! This hairstyle would take some time, I usually curl my hair from 30-40 minutes, but the result is always worth it!

I make sure to shampoo my hair first and dry it with a blower before curling it :) 

4. The MVP Ponytail

This is how my hair looks if I'm about to work out or go out for an errand.
It has became a habit of mine to make sure that my hair is not wet when I tie my hair. ;)

Even though I have a medium length hair, I still make sure to style it the way I want to. 
Before fixing my hair, it's a must for me to put on Sunsilk's Strong & Long Shampoo as part of my daily shower routine.

It helps me achieve a good hair day ;) Have you tried it yet? 
I would love to know your favorite on-the-go hairstyles! 
Feel free to share them on the comment box below. 

With love,


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