Sunday, February 5, 2017

Being a sleepy girl with a busy life is hard.

But of course, it's not an excuse for you to do nothing the whole day. 
Its a challenge for you to manage your time wisely. ;)

I'm the type of person who loves living the active lifestyle but enjoys pigging out too.
One of my motto in life is: I workout so I could eat more!

Black sneakers from Penshoppe

During our Chinatown foodtrip last weekend, I decided to wear something different. I wore a windbreaker jacket (to hide my happy tummy lol), a pair of shorts, fishnet tights and sneakers!

I love wearing some of my gym clothes when I go out. ;)
Its a nice ensemble for a chill casual day. Whenever I look for gym clothes, I always go to Forever 21 and when I'm too busy to visit the mall, I shop online at Zalora!

 If you've never been to Binondo, I suggest that you should try these restaurants because they  absolutely won't disappoint 
 Dong Bei Dumplings, Wai Ying Dimsum, Masuki and Eng Bee Tin's hopia! 

Photographed by my amazing dad using Fujifilm XA3.


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