Sunday, December 13, 2015


That's how you started our first conversation. 
Yes, I can still remember everything you forgot — including me.

It's been awhile since the last time I saw your face, I don't know why I still find it hard to erase.
We may have stopped talking, but I'll always be here for you and that will never change. 
No matter how much pain you've caused, I will always care.

I'm not even sure if what we had was real.
All I know is you made me feel like you actually liked me
 and I will never forget how you just disappeared like nothing happened. 
Maybe the reason why I can't seem to let you go is you made me believe we had a chance.
So here I am, still wondering why you've left me with words unspoken.

You shouldn't have let me fall for you if you weren't planning on staying.
I'm sorry if I tried so hard to be what you needed and gave you everything without making sure you wanted it. Besides, you never showed me that you care.... that's when I realized I can't continue holding on to someone who's just there when it's convenient.

I don't regret meeting you, a part of me will always belong to you. But like what they said, if you truly love someone, sometimes you'll do anything to make them happy even if it means that you have to 
let them go.

Now, I'm letting you go.
I'm letting go of the thought of you
....the thought of us.
I know for a fact now that when I lost you — I found myself.
Most of all I did love you, but I love myself more and that is more than enough for now.

Yours forever just in a different way,


  1. So beautifully written. Good job! This couldn't be more relatable to me. I really like the way you wrote it all in a letter. I should make one for him too. The guy who gave me false hopes.

    1. Thank you so much!! ♡ Yes! You should make one too! It actually feels good to pour all your feelings into one letter :) x

  2. when i read this second entry i was like MESHEKET UMASA </3 �� keep doing your thing Ate and more power to your blog :*

  3. Oh God. This hits me so hard #feels. Believe it or not, I was in tears while reading this. These were the unspoken words I wanted to tell him, but I can't. Beautifully written eventhough every part was painful.