Saturday, September 12, 2015

If you're a reader on my blog, you would remember that I published a post about the struggles of being unemployed last summer. I just want to share what it feels like being unemployed and how I survived the unemployed life. LOL!

Well after I graduated, the first weeks of my bum life was amazing. I loved every single day even if I would just watch movies, eat, and sleep and the whole day. Trust me, you'll feel the same way.
 But you'll soon realize that it's about time to face your fear and say to yourself....
"It's time to look for a job"

And yes, it wasn't easy for me. I searched for a job on all day and night.
I created multiple accounts on different job search sites. (Desperate moves lol)
I admit that I'm pretty choosy in looking for a job. HEHE!

I also reached a point in life where I had Job Search Depression. Rejection has always been one of my weakness. Every time I get rejected, I would always feel like I wasn't good enough. 
I had sleepless nights. My motivation went from 100% to 0%........ real quick. 

I was hopeless.

But I realized a lot of things and reflected a lot. I decided not to take all the rejections personally. If a company decides to reject me, it happened for a reason and something better will eventually come along. (Looking for the right job is like looking for the right person in your life as well haha!). I decided to never stop applying, to try and try until I finally get the job that I want. :-) I applied on JobStreet every day and had a job interview every week. I did this for 2 months. I reminded myself to wait and be patient.

Until, one job interview changed everything. After 5 months of searching, (5 MONTHS BEH, 5... MONTHS...) I finally got accepted! YAY!

How I reacted

How I really felt

I remember the HR telling me, "Congratulations! You got the job! Welcome to the company." 

And of course, I felt extremely happy, but what I'm really thinking in my head was
"Ows weh di nga, joke time ba to omg ayoko pa ata mag work????"  
Hahahaha. But yes, I was so happy I couldn't wait to tell my family about it. 
It was worth it. 
I'll start working pretty soon and I can't help but to think.... 

How can I balance working and blogging? 

How can I attend events and take my photos now? *sobs* :-( 

It crushed my soul... just kidding haha! I know I can do it, I can balance both. I love blogging, I love sharing my thoughts and opinions to other people. This is my passion and I won't stop :) They say that if you have a dream in life, you don't give up. No matter how hard it will get, giving up will never be an option. If you decided to quit it only means that you didn't want it enough. 
(This also applies when you like someone OPP!)

So, to everyone out there who is also looking for a job.
 Always believe in yourself and trust that everything happens for a reason. 
Never lose hope. YOU GOT THIS! ;-)

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  1. being rejected multiple times is such a heartbreak. thanks again for pushing my esteem back up again Ate girl, hope you share your thoughts about your new job soon in IG 😚

    1. It will break your heart, but it'll make you stronger ;-) Thank you also for reading & I hope to meet you soon! x ♡♡♡