Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dear you,

We met in a very unusual way. From the moment you said,"Hi", I never thought you would mean this much to me. I've known you for almost a year now and you've never left my mind ever since we started talking. I don't know if I'm crazy, maybe it's because nobody has ever treated me differently the way you did. We dated a couple of times, all we had was innocent fun and I loved that. I loved how you effortlessly make me smile.

But you know, I was never sure of what we were. You are the most confusing guy that I've encountered. I expected too much, I'm sorry. Well, you can't blame me from expecting because the way you treated me is obviously different from how you treat your 'friends'. I expected that what we had back then was going somewhere.

I know you would never read this, you wouldn't even know that this was written for you. I just want to let you know that in the few months that I spent with you, you saved me. You never knew it, but you did. I was so broken with my past relationship and you taught me how to forget the all the hurt I felt. You see.. the funny thing isyou did hurt me too. (And up until now, it still stings whenever I hear your name)

The reason why I stopped talking to you is because I got tired. I realized that if I really meant something to you, I wouldn't feel like I was an option. Even if we still remain friends until now, it's so clear that we are never really meant for each other. I never had the guts to say this to you, but I want you to know that I had feelings for you.

Maybe I deserve someone elsebut all I wanted was you. But I know I deserve better. I deserve more than these mind games that you play, I deserve more than the slow replies and excuses that you would always say to me. I. Deserve. Better.

But despite all these, I would still like to thank you. Thank you because you made me realize a lot of things and I'm happy to have met you, it was still an experience. I know someday.. someone will be brave enough to break down my walls and make me feel that I'm his only choice.

Always yours,


  1. Omg Ate J! Relate much ako :'(

    1. Aww :( Hey, don't be sad! It'll get better! ;-) *hugs*
      Thank you for reading, Tara!! ♡♡♡ x

  2. So much feels Ate Jessa 😭same sentiments 💔 dw there will be a perfect match that would fit the gaps of your hands. I love you and ur squad mwuah mwuah and hugs from Australia to Philippines ❤ (ps you can be a profesh lit writer)

    1. Ahhhh this is sooooo sweet! :( Thank you so much for reading! ♡♡♡ *hugs you all the way from PH to Australia* hihihi ♡ Hope to meet you soon! xx

  3. Mygods achi! I thought I'm the only one who experienced this kind of feels :( ♥ I super know the feels too :( ugh

  4. Ate dont worry.. diba nga sabi nila "Other's junk is one man's treasure" �� You deserve better ate ! ���� Aja aja! ��������