Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Is your girl throwing random mood swings at you? 
Let me help you translate what our words really mean ;-)

1.The famous "I'm fine"

  Everything's not fine and you are in deep trouble, my friend.
TRANSLATION: I am not fine and you better figure out what's the problem before I explode right in front of your face.
SYNONYMS: "What's wrong, babe?"
All guys be like:

2. "I'll sleep now. Goodnight"
  You totally pissed a girl off if she sends you a goodnight text without emojis/emoticons.
TRANSLATION: I found out something you did that pissed me off. 
I would rather sleep than deal with your lame excuses, bye.
SYNONYMS: "Why are you sleeping early? What's wrong?"
"I'M JUST TIRED" (Yeah, tired from all your bs lol)

3. "Babe do you think she's pretty?"

TRANSLATION: Tell me I'm prettier than her otherwise I'll get mad at you and tell you 
"Oh, edi siya nalang i-girlfriend mo!" (Yes, girls are crazy exotic creatures haha!)

4. "I am so over him!"
—  NO. I. AM. NOT. LOL.
TRANSLATION: I am so over him that I still stalk all his social media accounts and cry myself to sleep.
SYNONYMS: "What happened between you and *insert name of ex-lover here*?"
"Nah, he's actually not my type! I don't like him anymore"
(But in reality, he's the one who stopped talking to you lol)

5. "Of course beb/bhe, I won't tell anyone!"
  Yeah, I won't tell anyone.... Except for my bestfriend! LOL BOOOYAH

6. "Single life is fun! I don't need a boyfriend."
  Well, this one is true... until I find myself watching romantic movies alone or when I find myself being the "3rd, 5th or 7th wheel" in the group. *hu hu hu*
TRANSLATION: My crush doesn't like me back so I'll just stay single and wish for him every "11:11".

7. "Sorry, I did not receive your text!"
  Lol nahh, I got your text but I'm too lazy and I have no energy to reply. *HE HE HE*
TRANSLATION: I'm just not that into you. Okbye.
SYNONYMS: "Nawalan nako ng load nung nagtext ka that time eh, Sorry!"

8. "OMG NO! He's not my type!"
  HE IS DEFINITELY MY TYPE and I like him so much, but I gotta play it cool lol
SYNONYMS: "Hindi ako attached sakanya 'no!"
(This is me... all the time. Always in denial. Ha ha ha!)

9. "My stomach hurts babe :("
TRANSLATION: Hi yes I have my period. Give me back rubs, pizzas and cuddles. Thank you.
(A girl's period only lasts for a couple of days, do this to your girl and she'll definitely reward you with........ oh-you-know..... food maybe? *smugs*)
SYNONYMS: "Sorry babe. PMS lang"

9. "HAVE FUN!"
TRANSLATION: Go and have fun and I won't text you the whole night and get mad at you. 
SYNONYMS: "Babe, Can I go out with the boys tonight?"
"Go ahead babe!"
Guys be like:
(Oh yes we are)

10. "K."

TRANSLATION: I have no time for your nonsense.

SYNONYMS: "Whatever."
So.. there you go!
You see? We love to play mind games with you guys as well ;-)
Almost everything that we say means the total opposite of it. Haha!
Girls may be total psychos, but it's because we truly and sincerely care for you ♡
 Another tip for all the guys out there, if your girl is acting up..
Check her twitter. Trust me, you'll know exactly what's wrong.
(One of my hobbies is subtweeting the guy that I like lol)
So that's all. Thank you for reading this! I hope this helped you understand girls even more. ;-)

All girls are all crazy.

So better pick your favorite type of crazy ;-)

Credits to google & tumblr for all the photos & gifs

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