Saturday, July 11, 2015

I decided to make this blog post since a lot of people are asking me on AskFm about my Photography apps. I enjoy editing so much that I use 2 to 3 apps for my photos. He he!
And before uploading my photos, I make sure that I choose the right filter for my Instagram feed.
I am now feed conscious, thanks to my friends. Haha!
 Anyway, here are the apps that I use in editing my photos

And here are my top 6 most used photo editing apps!

1. AFTERLIGHT ($0.99)
I've been using Afterlight for 2 years now.
 Thanks to Kylie Jenner, I discovered this app because of her.

LESBI-honest! Most of us girls or even you guys stalk her IG photos cause we dig her style
.....and her body. *woops!*
Ok, going back to the real topic....
I use this app to adjust the brightness, contrast and temperature of my photos.
I find it easier to adjust them all here compared to VSCO cam.

If you love vintage filters, you better try Afterlight's cool filters ;-)
(My most used Afterlight filters: Russ, Relic & Ash) 

I don't know why Afterlight's frames are not for free anymore :-(
(but I'll teach you how to add these cute polaroid frames on your photos for free!
 ....on my next post hehe)

Some of you are also curious about the dust and light leak effects on my photos.
Yuppp, I edit them here at Afterlight.
It's a paid app but its definitely worth it 

For photo overlays, I use PicsArt. ;-)
Trust me, this is a pretty handy app.
It allows you to add text, crop and draw your photos!

(If you follow me on twitter you probably know the photos I upload every 12 midnight. ;-) 
Check this hashtag — #TheDeadlyHour)

PicsArt has light leak effects as well. This is a nice effect for dark photos / night shots.

This free app right here helps me whenever I need to collage my photos.
It's a great app because you can resize your frame layouts and lets you collage your videos as well.
Although, some of the frame layouts are not for free.

Now let's be real, we all hate watermarks especially on our photos.
I'm gonna help you fix that problem!
Frame Magic lets you collage your photos without any watermarks ;-)

.....You're welcome ;-)

Another cool app with vintage filters!
Fell in love with Camera Bag ever since I downloaded it. I actually edit some of my blog photos here.
I don't use borders on my photos, but these are cute!
(My smug face though lol this is my reaction every time my crush likes my photo)

Well, duh?
Who doesn't use this app? We all know the famous hashtags
 #Vscocam #VscocamPh #Vscocamteambasicpilipinas haha!

 I also like to check and arrange photos that I'll be uploading on Instagram here.

VSCO Cam is my favorite app when it comes to photo filters. 
(I'll reveal the filters that I use on my next blog post!)

If you want to have a mirror-like effect on your photo, use Reflection app! ;-)

 Reflection app gives your photo a cool mirror-like effect like this.

So there you go, those are my favorite photo editing apps.
Hope this post answered your questions and helped you in some way!
Oh and by the way, the secret in having a nice photo is all based on how you took the raw photo and how you edit it ;-)
I'll make a blog post soon on how I edit my photos ;)
 Till next time 


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