Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer is ending soon and I finally had the chance to go to the beach with my family!

So last week, we had a family outing at Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
Its my first time to visit Palawan! (Yay lol)

If you're planning to visit Puerto Princesa here are the list of food and places that you need to try!


One of the 7 wonders of nature!
Once you go inside, you'll see how cool these limestone rocks form different kinds of shapes
(I swear may pinakita pa silang inverted poo-poo super funny ni kuya na taga-sagwan, 
 kung ano anong shapes nalang naiisip haha!) 
Its really good for persons who have a creative imagination ;-)

Its amazing how clear the waters are in Palawan.

There are bats all over the place!
(Andun din si batman... hehehe jk 
isang moment of silence sa super corny joke ko)

Since I'm not really a fan of dark places, it was scary and amazing at the same time. 
The boat ride was actually long but it was definitely worth it. 
You'll really see how rare and beautiful human nature is.


If you love island hopping you better visit Honda Bay! There are many white sand beaches in Palawan, the perfect place to go island hopping ;-)


This was the first beach that we visited. 
The island was full of Pandan trees, that's why its called Pandan Island
(Soooooo yup, pweds na ba akong tourist guide hahahaha) 

I'm a chill type of person and I absolutely love chilling at the beach.
But of course, I like a little bit of thrill and adventure from time to time!
I don't mind having a dark skin every time I'm at the beach. 
(Kahit yung balat ko sobrang itim na, mata nalang nakikita sakin sa dilim)

Helping my brother out for his Instagram post #JamGoesToPalawan #VscoPh 

Obligatory family picture!


The second beach that we visited was at Cowrie Island.
They offer water activites such as Snorkeling, Banana Boats, 
Kayaking, Scuba Diving and many more! 
There's also a lunch buffet. AHHHHH FOOOOOD, YUM! 


Lets all thank these wonderful creatures for helping us in creating our bags, belts and wallets. 
And don't forget the famous sisig in Palawan! Yuppp.

Honestly, they are so cute!
(but they stop being cute whenever they eat humans.... so. not. cool. crocs)

I heard from ate tourist guide (lol) that crocodiles open their mouth whenever they feel hot.
I told her, "I wish us humans can do that too"
And I also learned that crocodiles die because of stress.
And I thought, "Thank god, humans can't die because of stress"

The real #JowaGoals <3

It... moved.. 
I panicked ok :-(


Here at Baker's Hill, you'll find the different delicacies of Palawan!
Baker's Hill Hopia is one of their best sellers.
(@CRUSH: Hopia ka ba? Cause I HOPIA love me too....... 
jk ha ha last na yan okbye) 

There's a recreational park inside Baker's Hill.
Its funny cause we always see a sign that says 
"Bawal mag date dito" 
(Hahahahaha! Super bitter mga ati't koyah)

I don't know but they all look creepy to me... :-( Plus may lipstick si Shrek.... W H Y? 

The place is overlooking Honda Bay!

They also have horseback riding and zip line!

And of course, my favorite part in traveling.... 
(I'm actually drooling while composing this part of the post)

We had our dinner here during our first night.
This is one of the best restaurants that we tried in Palawan.

Before entering the place, you have to leave your slippers/shoes/sandals. 
Customers have their own drawers for their foot wear.
So basically, you'll eat inside the restaurant with your bare feet. ;-)
I love the whole concept of this restaurant.

The interiors of the whole place is also nice. Very chill and perfect for a nice dinner with your special ones.  Plus, they have paintings all over the place! I adore paintings so much! 

Seafood heaven!
We ordered the Kahlui Special of the day à la family and Shrimps in Garlic Butter.

The Kahlui Special of the day 
(Fish with Coco Cream, Lobsters, Seafood Sizzling Sisig and Grilled Tuna)
Coco Banana & Four Seasons shake!

Fish with Coco Cream
This was the best dish that night for me! :)

Sizzling Seafood Sisig
Shrimps in Garlic Butter
They also gave us a complimetary dessert.
Buko with mixed fruits and brown sugar! The perfect dessert after devouring a lot of seafood dishes!

The tricycles in Palawan are so cool hahahaha!
(Swagger ang pimp my ride ni koyah)


Sizzling Spareribs
It was fine for me...
and the meat was hard to eat :-( 

Butter Garlic Crabs
I'm allergic to crabs but who wouldn't be tempted to eat this, right? 

Mixed Seafoods a la Bicol Express
I love eating Bicol Express! I remember eating this every week when I was still in college. 
Its my first time to try Seafood Bicol Express and it was delicious!


My family and I are coffee lovers and we like to have coffee on our lazy afternoons.
So we decided to stop by Itoy's Coffee Haus before we buy our pasalubongs.

We tried their Tiramisu and Blueberry Cheesecake.
It could've tasted better if they added more chocolate and Blueberry syrup but its still good!
I'm rating it at 3/5 hehe

I ordered their Cafe Latte Frappucino, served with whip cream on top!
Their coffee was good. I'll definitely go back to try their other drinks ;-)

For their best seller, "Itoy's Coffee"

Black Forrest Frappucino.
This feels like your drinking a Black Forrest cake.
Its a drink for people who loves Black Forrest cakes!

If you love to travel, you gotta explore the exotic foods that they have! 

One of Palawan's specialty!
Mixed with Egg, onion and spices.
We tried this at Kinabuch's Bar & Grill.
For me, it tastes like a normal sisig. 
Nom nom nom!


"Tamilok" or also known as the "wood worms"
  (Yes its a worm. Don't panic its organic... labo haha!)
These worms are found in dead mangrove trees.
Locals said that it is the longest oyster in Palawan.
Its a popular "pulutan" for the local people who live in Palawan. 
It doesn't look like appealing to our appetitite, but its safe to eat!

It tastes just like a normal oyster! ;-)

We had fun exploring Palawan, I'll surely go back here and explore the islands at El Nido!
This was one of my longest posts in my blog so far and I would like to thank you
Yes, you
For reading this post
Hope this entertained you! 
Till' next time! x

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