Thursday, April 2, 2015

Make up is a girl's best friend but not for me. I'm not really the type of kikay girl who's addicted to make ups. Don't get me wrong, I use them all the time when I go out (because I would look like a walking zombie if I don't put anything on my face) YA FEEL ME

I only know a few about make ups. Liquid eyeliners and lipsticks are my favorite, you'll always see me wearing them..... A L W A Y S. Lol.  And after this experience, I suddenly want to start learning more about make ups. 

So anyway, I recently helped my friend with her portfolio. Me and my friends had an overnight that time and I almost missed this shoot. Glad that my friends were there to help me get there on time. Whew. My friend is currently studying at CAS (Center for Aesthetic Studies) which is located at Makati. They are required to make a portfolio for their finals. Its amazing how she changed from the beginning of their lectures, she really developed her make up skills. I'm so proud of you, Je!

Here are some of the photos from the shoot:

This was her glam look.
 I like the outcome of the make-up on my eyes and lips. 
She knows how much I looooooove red lipsticks. ;-)

It was really a fun shoot and I had a great time with everyone! 
Can't wait to help her again next time! :-)

CAS (Center of Aesthetic Studies)

Make-up artist: Je Fazunila
Instagram/Twitter: @jefazunila

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