Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I decided to make this as my first blog post since a lot of people are asking me about this place.
(and because I’m also excited to try my site hehe)

So last Sunday, my dad wanted to try Yexel's Toy Museum. He said that he wanted to see IronMan, me and my mom laughed about it but we were all conviced to try it.

As we entered the museum, we couldn’t resist but to try out their upside down room! This room is inspired from Spiderman. Just rotate your photo and tah-dah! It looks like you’re hanging around on the walls of the room! Awesome right? (look at my dad feeling Spiderman eh)

(As you can see...... my dad is enjoying this place lol)

They also have a room full of REAL swords! All are from the movie The Lord of the Rings. I am not a fan of this movie and I haven't watched it yet but this room is pretty cool. 

If you're watching the Game of Thrones you'll know exactly what this is.
The Iron Throne. Yupp.
 I've watched the Game of Thrones for a couple of times and I have a huge girl crush on
Khaleesi! Ahhh she's so pretty! Well I'm sure that the GOT fans out there would love to have a picture with this Throne. ;-)

This part of the museum will make you feel like you're inside Darth Vader's spaceship. So cool!

And lastly my favorite part... IRONMAN!

It looks real!

All in all, my experience at Yexel’s Toy Museum was worth it! I had a great time with my family. You’ll definitely feel like a kid again at Yexel’s Toy Museum. I recommend you guys to try it! :-)

We tried their branch at Manila Ocean Park.
They also have a bigger branch which is located at Las Piñas.

The entrance fee costs for 250php each and 150php if you avail their Ocean Adventure package.
Visit their facebook page for more informationhttps://www.facebook.com/yexelstoymuseum

(Btw, sorry for uploading low quality photos, I'm still new on this blogging thing and I'm still trying to fix my site hehe) So yeahhhh, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading my first blog post! :-)


  1. Congrats on your Blog's launch! Looking forward to more posts from you. :>

  2. Gad love your blog, congrats Teressa!

  3. Ang bata pa ng Dad mo! Hehehe :D